6 Food and Drinks Which Help Prevent Tooth Decay

Posted by on Sep 8, 2015 in Dental Health, Health Tips |

We all know that what we eat can affect your dental health. It is really important to eat healthy since it affects your body weight, body shape, dental health as well as energy levels throughout the day. If you want to learn what food and drink can help you keep your teeth in great shape, you have come to the right place. Here’s the list of six food and drinks which are not only healthy for you, but they are also great for your teeth and will help you preserve that perfect smile.


1. Nibble at Some Cheese

Dairy products promote good oral health and will help you prevent cavities. Medical studies have shown the results which the control group exemplified before and after consummating cheese, milk, sugar-free yogurt and other dairy products and have concluded that there is a significant change in plaque pH after consuming dairy products. From all the dairy products cheese has been found to be the most efficient at rising pH levels and leading to increase in calcium and triggering saliva formation, which helps to reharden the enamel.

2. An Apple A Day

raw-food-and-dental-healthAn apple a day, really keeps the dentists away! Fresh fruit tends to contain high sugar levels and the sweetness combined with the acidity helps stimulate the saliva. The saliva helps get rid of bacteria in your mouth and it benefits your oral health.

3. Chew A Gum

A gum will get rid of all the particles of food which have remained in your mouth after a meal and help your mouth cavity to be clean. Furthermore, chewing on a gum will stimulate the saliva flow in your mouth and help you ward off bacteria. All this results in preventing the building up of plaque, which ultimately damages your teeth. Furthermore, sugar replacement which is used in sugarless gums, xylitol, is responsible for cavity reduction.

4. Drink Milk

Tooth in milkWhile high-sugar drinks can damage your teeth, milk can help bring up pH levels. Milk generally helps strengthen teeth and weaken the acidic levels especially after the cereal consumption. Furthermore, milk is also good for your bones and raises the calcium levels in your entire body.

5. Drink Black Tea and Green Tea

If you want to have a perfect set of pearly white teeth make sure you drink green tea and black tea often, especially after a sugary treat. The plant Camilla sinensis has been linked to preventing tooth decay and dye to it anty-cavity properties black tea and green tea when consummated without sweeteners, milk or cream, will also affect your teeth in a positive way.

6. Wine

Having a glass of wine will help you get rid of bacteria which provoke cavities. Red wine is especially good for your teeth, since it contains proanthocuanidins, antioxidants that contain tooth-healthy properties.