Heart Attack Symptoms To Watch Out For

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What Is a Heart Attack?

Each year about 1.1 million American suffer a heart attack. Even 460,000 of these are fatal. Heart attack is not the same as cardiac arrest. Heart attack damages the heart muscle and it occurs due to reduced blood food to the heart muscle. Once the heart muscle is deprived of the oxygenate needs, he stops functioning properly, and thus the damage is made to the heart muscle. Cardiac arrest refers to the situation when the heart stops beating. This of course means that the death is imminent. A severe heart attack can lead to cardiac arrest, and this occurs in cases when a heart attack is fatal. However, not all heart attacks have to be fatal. Also, other conditions can cause cardiac arrest to, such as serious arrhythmias or shock.

Why Is It Important To Learn About Heart Attack Symptoms?

Even though some people might suffer a heart attack we doubt even suspecting it, it is useful to know what the early symptoms of a heart attack are. Knowing about to be early warning signs can be cruel show when it comes to recognition, treatment, and ultimately they can even save a life. Heart attacks usually start slowly. Therefore if you know what this is what is happening to you can help yourself or others. Symptoms often vary among individuals, and can even be different in people who have suffered more than one heart attack.

Symptoms to Watch Out For

heart-attackThe chest pain and pressure it in the area around the heart are the most common symptoms of a heart attack, however they are not the only symptoms. In fact, there are many symptoms which might precede an impending heart attack. The symptoms of a heart attack include chest discomfort which often manifests itself as pain, fullness or it even squeezing sensation in the chest. Furthermore, a heart attack might cause pain in and around one’s jaw. This pain might resemble a toothache or a headache, even. People who might experience heart attack sometimes also experience shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting.

Young-Women-Often-Downplay-their-Heart-Attack-SymptomsMoreover, an impending heart attack causes some people to feel pain in the upper abdomen area and sweat excessively. Also you may feel pain in the left arm or either of arms for that matter. Sometimes people note that prior to a heart attack they feel upper back pain and just general malaise. Some people also have noted that they have absolutely no symptoms whatsoever. Even one quarter of all people who have experienced a heart attack say that they have had no symptoms. This is especially common with patients who have diabetes mellitus.
All that being said you should be aware of the fact that, sometimes the symptoms even differ for men and women. Women tend to experience shortness of breath, lightheadedness and fainting prior to a heart attack.