Addiction: Having a Relapse does not mean you are a Lost Cause

Posted by on Feb 22, 2016 in Addiction |

relapseIf you have once suffered from drug or alcohol abuse and addiction, you know all too well that it is not a good place to be in. It impacts you and your life in a very negative way that you may have felt that you were powerless and that you have lost your old self and life completely and will never be able to get even just little pieces of them back. But you overcame it, probably with the help of your friends and family as well as the professionals who offer help to people who suffer from substance abuse and addiction. It was a hard and long journey. For a long time, you were unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel and you thought you never will but you persevered. Months or years after, you are back on your feet and taking control of your life once again.

But there are people who are haunted by their past and seem to constantly worry about the things from their past that may come after them. If you are one of these people who worry about falling back into a bad situation, you can start by thinking to yourself that you are not weak and will not be easily dragged back by addiction. And you are not fooling yourself. You are strong. You’ve been through hell and back. You may not have escaped unscathed, you were probably black and blue and will never be the same, but you still made it back. Do not be afraid to approach the people who were there for you when you were struggling and tell them about your problem and what scares you. Do things that will help you overcome and forget your fears because when you are fearful and scared, you and your mind will become vulnerable. Therefore, you should hang out with people and do things that will help you forget about your fear and will also strengthen your mind. But if you think that it is too late for you and that you already have a relapse, it is not the end for you. Here are some of the things that you should know and remember

It will get easier

Although you might feel weak and be blaming yourself right now, remember that you have been through this before. You know what is coming and you can prepare yourself and fight your body and mind. This happened once and you got through it without having prior experience or knowledge about what you are going to be going through. Now that it may be happening again, remember that you already have experience and you are a much stronger person than you are before because you have gone through a lot and you have your battle scars to prove that.

There are other treatments

There are plenty of different therapies that you can choose from. If one thing did not work for you, it does not mean that you are a hopeless case. It just means that the treatment was not the right one for you. Find out what other treatments are there and pick the one that you think will eliminate your problem and will prevent you from having relapse.

Do not Blame Your Self

Focus on strengthening your mind instead. If you continue on blaming yourself or other people around you, you will not be able to focus on getting back on track. It is normal to feel helpless but do not give up. If other people have not given up on you, why would you? And if you ever think that other people have given up on you, carry yourself and prove them wrong.

Remember to stay clear from drugs or alcohol to prevent having a relapse once again. Think about your friends and family as well as yourself and your future. You might feel angry or disappointed with yourself or others but remember that that is just your clouded brain telling you things. You know you are stronger and there is nothing wrong with asking for help again.