Things You Can Do to Help Someone Overcome Substance Abuse

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crying-father-hugging-son-350It is hard to see someone you love and care about slip away or become detached from you and the world. If you know someone that is addicted or dependent to drugs or alcohol, you will know that it is hard not only to the person who is addicted but also for everyone that cares for that person. It is not an easy thing to watch someone fight a battle on their own. You know that you want to help but you don’t know exactly how. If you know someone or is suspecting that someone you know is suffering from alcohol or drug abuse and addiction and would want to help them in any way you can, here are some of the things that you should do.

Talk about it

If you are questioning if someone you know is abusing or is addicted to drugs or alcohol, it is better to talk to them directly about your concern. The sooner you confront that person, the sooner his or her problem will be addressed and solved. You don’t have to wait for that person to hit rock bottom before you decide to finally act upon your intuition. Know that the longer you let the problem hang in the air like it is invisible, the deeper the person might be going into addiction. Substance abuse and addiction causes the brain to have a different pattern and structure. The person addicted is not able to think and act clearly. You are the person from the outside that can clearly see what is going on and what is changing. You can see the harm that it is causing that person and his or her life and therefore it is up to you to address it and make them see and realize them if they still haven’t.

Also, you need to remind them that you and others are there to support. Talk to that person and do not make him feel alone or like a burden. Be patient with them and try to understand the struggle that they are suffering from.

Be Open Minded

Although addiction is not a good thing, when talking to someone with addiction or have experienced substance abuse, you need to be open-minded. The last thing you need and the worst thing you can do is to make them feel judged. Do not act and sound all mighty and arrogant around them for what they have done. Remember that just because you have not suffered from it, does not mean that you are stronger or morally better than them. We all suffer from different things and circumstances. It just so happened that yours was better than what happened to them.

What a person who is suffering from substance abuse and addiction needs from the people around them is compassion and support. Let them know that you are around and that you will stay with them.

Pressure them if you have to

Since a person changes physically, mentally and behaviorally because of drug or alcohol abuse and addiction, they can get easily angry and anxious as well as defensive. If you have a hard time convincing them to go to rehab or get any kind of treatment, you do not have to let them be and give up on them. You can pressure them to get help. They might get angry at you but know that once their mind is cleared up, they will be thankful that you were there to push them to the right direction.

There are a lot of things that you can do to help someone you know from drug or alcohol abuse. Just make sure that you are patient and open minded. Be supportive and let them take little steps to get back on track and do not be afraid to push them gently if you have to.