5 Tips For Fresh Breath

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bad-breath-diagnosisBad breath can be really annoying not just for those who have it, but also their loved ones. Often people are not aware that bad breath is actually a problem which can be pretty much easily solved. However, often people do not try to find the reason for in their bad breath and see where this problem is coming from. You should treat the problem, since bad breath is often just a side effect of a dental problem. Moreover, if you want to achieve fresh breath follow these five tips which will help you in order to feel that your mouth and teeth are fresh and clean.

1. Scrape Your Tongue

The bacteria that form on your tongue can be good reason for the nasty smell. To get rid of them you should brush your tongue with your toothbrush. Also you can try to use a tongue scraper. This will help you to remove food debris, bacteria debris and dead cells – and this is something you can’t do with a toothbrush.

2. Regularly Clean Your Teeth


If you want to have that your breath you should clean your teeth more often. Improving your dental habits will help width of the press issue. In some cases bad breath is caused by plaque and bacteria which build up on your teeth. As for the frequency of cleaning your teeth, you should brush your teeth two times a day and floss at least once. However, it is also important not to ordered do the brushing, because it can wear your teeth down and make them vulnerable to decay.

3. Rinse

You will get rid of bad breath if you rinse your mouth frequently. A mouthwash should protect your teeth and get rid of the bacteria. Fresh, minty mouthwash liquids once even taste good. Also, after meals, you can rinse your mouth with plain water. It will help you to get rid of food particles which are remain in your mouth after having a meal.

4. Chew A Gum

Chewing and gum after a meal will help you to get rid of the sugar and food particles in your mouth, which remain there after a meal. Change the gum will help you stimulate saliva, which is the natural defense mechanism against plaque acids which cause tooth decay and bad breath.

5. Quit Smoking

Smoking can cause bad breath among other things. Also, this nasty habit can cause cancer, stain your teeth and damage your gums. If you are really having troubles to quit, try using OTC nicotine patches which will help you get rid of this habit. If you need some help you can even talk to your doctor about it and they could recommend you a program in order to quit smoking.

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12 Strange but True Health Tips

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Different ways to stay fit are pretty straightforward: to cut down those extra pounds, eat less food and do exercises daily; to improve your energy levels, sleep well; to stop dehydration, drink a lot of water. The following 12 strange but true health tips are really effective. But they may make you scratch your head.

#1 – Drink coffee to get a better nap

In Japan a study was done to determine how to get a better nap, individuals who drunk a “coffee nap” consuming approximately 200 mg of caffeine, and then immediately resting for about 20 minutes – were more alert than people who just had a nap.

Why is this effective?

A 20 minute nap ends as the caffeine clears the brain of adenosine, improving alertness. As adenosine levels maximize, human being become more fatigued. Getting a better nap eliminates the adenosine, and when infused with caffeine, its effects are reduced.

#2 – To maintain your teeth healthy, don’t brush immediately after eating

Don’t brush teeth after eating, especially acidic meals and drinks. Acidic foods like citrus fruits may make tooth enamel soft. Brushing your teeth after eating acidic foods can speed up the effect of acid on your enamel eroding the underneath layer. Bainbridge Island Dentists suggest waiting to one hour before brushing your teeth.


#3 – To put on a smaller waist size, gain muscle weight

If two women weighing 175 pounds and just one do lift weights, is more likely to fit into a smaller waiste size than the counterpart. Similarly, a woman who weighs 175 pounds and do lift weights could perfectly wear the same pant size as a woman who weighs 165 pounds and doesn’t exercise.

What’s the reason for this?

Even though a fat pound weighs exactly as a muscle pound, muscle does take up less space. “You can have bigger muscles and become smaller if you reduce the fat,” says Mark Nutting. “The bulk women fear happens if you don’t reduce body fat and develop muscles,” he says. So, cut down calories and gain weight to your workouts to lose inches.

#4 – To consume less food , eat more

“Taking a 100 pack of cookies seem virtuous, but it’s more likely for you to be hungrier compared to if you would have eaten substantial food,” says Amy Goodson, a dietitian. “Consuming little carbohydrates amounts spike blood sugar and you are left in need of more carbohydrates.” He recommends selecting a protein like peanut butter with an apple.

#5 – When you feel tired, skip energy drinks

Energy drinks contain a lot of caffeine compared to coffee, but the boosts they offer comes with side effects like rapid heartbeat and nervousness, says Goodson. In addition, they contain high levels of taurine, a stimulant and high sugar levels. Energy drinks temporarily spike up blood sugar.

e63ca454987_02#6 – If you’re bloated, drink water

When you’re bloated, drinking water may seem to worsen things, but often, it helps. For instance, the bodies of people who are on a high-fiber carbohydrate need more water to perform effectively. Drinking more water relieves bloating resulting from dehydration.

#7 – Ditch soda to cut down extra pounds

In Hopkins Bloomberg school of Public Health, research revealed that overweight adults who took diet beverarges ate more calories than adults who just drank regular soda. In addition, research from Texas University revealed that adults who were on a diet soda increased 70% waist size more than non-drinkers in a period of ten years.

#8 – Drink hot beverages to cool off

Want to know whether an iced coffee or a hot one will make you cool faster on a summer morning? When you drink hot beverages, your body system senses the temperature change and maximizes sweat production. when the sweat evaporates, your body cools off naturally.

#9 – Exercise when you feel tired

After a hectic workday, exercising is what you don’t want to hear, but sweat production will actually make you energized. After a 30-minute exercise session, fatigue, mood and depression get improved. “Everything you do utilizes oxygen, so as you exercise, you work more effectively and don’t easily get tired.

#10 – To improve your brainpower, handwrite notes

Typing notes makes you write down more material, but you’ll remember your notes only if you handwrite them. “Learning something means processing it,” says Dr. Towfigh. You start to learn the process when you are attentive to the lecture lecture.

#11 – To have a good relationship, get less time together

Spending some time alone enables you to process thoughts and know yourself better. And the quality of friendship is affected by how often you people come together. Alone time can make you be more in touch with who you are. Additionally, it minimizes stress and depression.

#12 – To prevent illness, ditch antibacterial soaps

Antibacterial soaps don’t reduce your chances of being ill. In fact, there’s no evidence to prove this. In adittion, long-term exposure to certain ingredients like triclosan may pose serious health issues like hormonal effects.

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