101 Drug Addiction and Drug Abuse

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Why Do People Become Addicted?

Oftentimes, people who use drugs and become addicted to them are wrongly and mistakenly labeled as people who lack willpower. Becoming a drug addict has nothing to do with abusers lack of moral principles, or in the strength of their will. Drug addiction is a complex disease and it’s takes a lot more and then just a change in behavior in order to quit and get healthy.


Why Don’t They Just Quit?

Even though some people might have good intentions are strong will to quit they are unable to do so because the drugs change the brain is such a ways that the abusers need to continue with compulsive drug abuse. Therefore, drug addicts often have to go through serious treatment in orders to be able to stop from using drugs and continue to lead productive lives. Since nowadays we know more about the effects of drugs on the brain, the chances for drug abusers to lead productive lives is greater than before.

How Drug Abuse Looks Like?

drug abuseA lot of people, who have not been drug abusers themselves, often don’t even know what compulsive drug seeking and use really looks like. Drug abuse is a chronic disease of the brain, which causes the brain to relapse, and continues seeking for drugs. Because the brain needs the ‘high’ it gets from the substance, it pays no attention to harmful consequences to the addicted individual, or people around them. Even though drug abusers have the initial intention and have maybe made the decision to stop using the substance is voluntarily, the brain changes all this by challenging the addicts self-control, and they cannot resist the impulse is to take drugs.

Can Drug Abuse Be Treated?

rbrb_0405_XSCombining treatments have had the most beneficial effect for most patients. Usually the behavioral therapy is combined with addiction treatments medications, and this have the disrupting effect on the addiction. Each treatment should be tailored to each patient and their own medical and psychiatric needs. Also they should focus on their lives without drugs and try to solve their social problems, such as having a normal and functional life even after being a drug addict.

Drug Prevention

It is really important to emphasize that drug addiction is a disease, but also it’s a disease which can be prevented. Prevention programs which have been conducted in families, schools, communities, as well as the media, have had an amazing the positive effect and have actually manage to help read used drug abuse. Furthermore, drug must not be perceived as a culture trend which is ‘cool’, but it must be labeled as harmful and dangerous. This is the only way in which young people will become away and that drugs are really harmful for them. Finally, it is up to teachers, parents, medical professionals and the media to help spread the message that drugs are really harmful and that young people should steer clear from using or even trying drugs.

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